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If you listen to hip hop, there is a 90% chance that album cover above just gave you some feelings in your stomach.  Ryde of Die Vol. 1 is one of the best hip hop collaboration albums ever, with two HEAVY HITTERS appearing on tracks 2 and 3.  I honestly don’t know which song is better.  So it is up to you, Clem Report reader, to listen and vote.


Down Bottom:




Jigga My N****



Pro Football Talk-  It’s a given that Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will hit the open market in March. With a franchise tag that would exceed $26 million and the plug pulled on contract talks during the season, it makes no sense for Suh to accept an offer from the Lions after the season ends but before he becomes a free agent.

When Suh becomes a free agent, he’ll have interest in playing in New York, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Suh realizes the potential benefit of being in the Big Apple, especially with Jay-Z serving as his marketing representative. 

Well isn’t this a lovely way to end a beautiful NFL weekend?  The Giants smoked the Redskins, the Eagles lost a heartbreaker in San Francisco, and one of the young defensive stars in football wants to play in the media capital of the world.  I have already convinced myself that the Giants are going 14-2 on their way to a Super Bowl championship, so I guess you could say things are looking up in the Casa de Clem these days.

Now before you say “Clem, he said he wants to play in New York. He may sign with the Jets”, allow me to explain.  The Jets have Sheldon Richardson as their Defensive Tackle and need to get their defensive backfield and passing game fixed before they stack their front 4 more than it already is.  It would be like the Mets signing Jon Lester this winter.  It’s not going to happen.

Big Blue on the other hand would be a wonderful place for Ndamukong Suh to continue his career.  The Giants haven’t had the same “draft and develop” success up front that they have had in years past while Jerry Reese does have a history of spending big money on potentially impact defensive linemen.  Suh may be expensive, but he may also be one of the most talented defensive free agents to hit the market in a long time.

Finally, the name Ndamukong Suh was tailor-made for the headline writers of the Daily News and New York Post.  Please sign him, Jerry.  Pretty please with sugar on top.


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