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The battle of the remixes that reigned supreme in the 2000s. Ja Rule and JLo vs. The R. I would like to say that this only involves the song, but JLo’s pink shorts and the party scenes from the Ignition video will always come to mind when discussing the songs, so I have included them here. I’ve flip flopped 5 times just writing this blog. So it’s up to you to settle this once and for all. Which song is better?

I’m Real Remix


Ignition Remix



I hate J.Lo.  Like hate, hate, hate J.Lo.  The hate in my heart for her would make Clayton Bigsby blush.  But having the OG of booty team with Child Bearing Hips Mcgee is at the very least intriguing.  It would be like seeing Washington Wizards MJ face rookie season LeBron.  One is at the absolute end of her reign on top while the other is just getting started.

Now before you say “Clem, what about Nicki Minaj?  She needs to be in this video.”  My answer to that is Nicki Minaj scares me more than Gia from Full House.  If you think I have the gumption to watch a video with her and these two, you don’t know what type of white boy you are talking to.

Anyway, this will be one of the five music videos I actually see until the 2015 VMAs.  Sure hope it is decent.

PS- The best JLo music video of all-time (musically and booty-wise) is the I’m Real (Remix) video.  There will be no debating this.  Those pink shorts caused a ton of funny feelings in stomachs across this great country of ours.