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So with Jurassic World coming out soon, I figured this was the best time to ask this question. Whenever I think of the Jurassic Park song, I think of when they enter the park for the first time. But to be fair, the actual theme to Jurassic Park is a whole lot of Johm Williams awesomeness and a ton of people probably associate that more with the movie. So it’s time to ask the impossible question. Which Jurassic Park song is better?

Song A:


Song B:



New York Times- Richard Attenborough, a distinguished stage and film actor in Britain who reinvented himself to become the internationally admired director of the epic “Gandhi” and other films, died on Sunday. He was 90. His death was confirmed by his son, Michael, according to the BBC. 

Years later Mr. Attenborough became known to a new generation of filmgoers as the wealthy head of a genetic engineering company whose cloned dinosaurs run amok in Steven Spielberg’s box office hit “Jurassic Park.” But for most of Mr. Attenborough’s later career, his acting was sporadic while he devoted much of his time to directing.

I hate to break it to the New York Times, but this guy is John Hammond, CEO of Jurassic Park to everyone in the entire world.  Don’t talk to me about what directing he did or any of the plays he starred in.  He is the neglectful grandfather that almost allowed two of his grandkids to be turned into T-Rex shit.  I will give you 10 million Schrutebucks if he doesn’t still have the cane with the mosquito in it.  And I also believe that we are 5 years away from cloning dinosaurs using the exact same method they used in the movie.  It’s basic science, folks.

So for one last time, lets play one of the most the best movie songs of all-time.  RIP Mr. Hammond Attenborough.


NY Daily News- An actor who had a bit part in the 90’s blockbuster “Jurassic Park” has been charged with raping a 13-year-old girl who approached him about acting lessons, police said.

During one of the alleged attacks, Cameron Thor, 54, drove the alleged victim to a secluded area in the tony Agoura Hills section of Los Angeles in 2008 and raped her, investigators told local KTLA-TV.

Authorities said the assaults occurred over the course of 11 months, from April 2008 and ending in March 2009, authorities said.

Thor was arraigned in L.A. county court Thursday on 11 counts of kidnapping, robbery, rape and sex crimes on a child under 14, authorities said.

He was being held on $2.6 million bail and scheduled to go before a judge on June 19.

It takes a lot for someone to be known as a bigger asshole than the person who stole a bunch of dinosaur embryos from his competition and put dozens of lives at risk along the way, but Cameron Thor apparently fits the bill.  That is just an UGLY rap sheet to defend, yikes.  Kidnapping, robbery, rape, and sex crimes are all inexcusable, but on a child under 14 makes it disgusting.  $2.6 million should ensure that he doesn’t leave prison until his date, and if guilty he will suffer the rest of his days the way most pedos do in the US correctional system.  If only the Justice Department had one of those spitting dinosaurs that kills Newman at the end of the movie.  Would be a great way to induce capital punishment.  Yikes.

FYI, for people who don’t remember this guy’s scene in the movie.

PS- This wacko played bit roles in a ton of hits.  Jurassic Park, A Few Good Men, Hook, Cheers, Mad About You, Clear And Present Danger.

h/t to Z-Man for the tip

I don’t know who created this masterpiece or what sent them on a path to make something like this, but all I can say is wow.  The internet is great for all the knowledge we are able to share at the click of a button.  It can bring families together, build businesses, and save lives.  But taking a random line from a 90s movie and turning into an entrancing auto-tuned song?  This may be the internet’s greatest moment.