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Will NBA travels ever not be completely absurd and hilarious? As someone who grew up watching Patrick Ewing incorporate a 3 Step Shuffle as a signature move, I have always had respect for great travels. And if we are being honest, I can’t even blame Amundson. You never know when LeBron is going to come from behind and swat your breakaway dunk to oblivion like some sort of snake.

You also have to love Clyde and Breen just laughing their asses off at Amundson blatantly traveling. They are simply the best.



ESPN- Major League Baseball enjoyed the two greatest words in all of sports with a Game 7 in the World Series on Wednesday, but LeBron James believes his regular-season opener with the Cleveland Cavaliers has the potential to draw even more attention.

“For me, I know all of us shouldn’t take this moment for granted,” James said after shootaround Thursday in advance of the Cavs’ home game against the New York Knicks. “This is probably one of the biggest sporting events that is up there ever.”

The Miracle On Ice.  Super Bowl XLII.  Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.  The Thrilla In Manilla.  And of course, Knicks @ Cavs on 10/30/14.  Just a collection of the biggest and best games ever.

Bron Bron, why do you do this to yourself?  Everyone in the entire WORLD loved you until you pulled the rug out from under the with The Decision and The Welcome Party.  Then you leave Miami, go back home, and everyone decided to forgive and forget.  And this is how you repay us?  A million commercials about your return home and saying things like tonight’s game “is probably one of the biggest sporting events that is up there ever”.

I am officially out on The Return (and I want to kill myself for capitalizing The Return.  Ugh, I just did it again!).  This is all about marketing and making a brand name.  Just like Carmelo didn’t come back to NYC for the money, LeBron didn’t go back to Cleveland to win them a championship.  He went back to make himself a global icon.  Anyone who doesn’t believe that is a sheep.  So if you want to believe in LeBron, go put on your Cavs jersey and eat your blue raspberry Blow Pops.  Because the only people that are bigger sheep than LeBron fans are people who think Blue Razz tastes good.


Well now, isn’t that a nice little way to get this Wednesday started.  We have all heard the rumors, believed the rumors, thought mayyyybe the rumors were false once people started blaming every losing streak on a sex scandal, and then just accepted that we would never know the truth.  But this is as close to a confession as you are going to get from someone who is bipolar.

I love Delonte mentioning Cassius Clay and Johnny Cash as reasons for his sons name, but didn’t feel the need to mention the actual currency that the kid was likely named after.  He’s definitely a cute kid though.  I’m happy Delonte seems to have gotten it all figured out.


ESPN-  Michael Jordan has no problem with LeBron James returning to No. 23 in his second stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  “I’m cool with it,” Jordan told via text message Monday morning. “I don’t own a number.”

Jordan, who now owns the Charlotte Bobcats, wore No. 23 during his legendary playing career. James idolized Jordan growing up and wore No. 23 during his first seven seasons with the Cavaliers.  But after leaving Cleveland and joining the Miami Heat four years ago, James switched to No. 6, saying it was as a tribute to Jordan. He announced he would change numbers in November of 2009, his last season in Cleveland.

“I just think what Michael Jordan has done for the game has to be recognized some way soon,” James, who had worn No. 23 since his sophomore year in high school, said at the time. “There would be no LeBron James, no Kobe Bryant, no Dwyane Wade if there wasn’t Michael Jordan first.

MJ played this one perfectly.  He knows everyone recognizes he was the original 23 and that anyone who chooses that number is an impersonator.   The whole “I don’t own a number” is straight out of the ex-boyfriend “it’s cool, we are no longer dating”.  Just by having someone ask him about this means that Jordan has the permanent upper-hand on LeBron for the rest of his life.  Shinebox level ownership.  Reason 482,502 he will never pass MJ on the food chain.

h/t Chaddy Bangs for the pic

Can you really get mad at the 10 year old in the video?  He is only doing what he sees on TV and what his coaches tell him to do.  Now that the World Cup is over and LeBron is in Cleveland, it is time for the healing to begin.  And by healing, I mean the end of the flopping revolution in America.

The 6’9″, 260 lb. freak that is also the best basketball player in the world needs to stop taking charges from point guards now that he is out of the metrosexual capital of the US.  All the willy nilly crap from soccer will naturally disappear here for the next four years.  We need less Manu Ginobili and more Charles Oakley.  This is America, the land of fake tits and deep frying everything.  Start acting like it!



From SI.comClick to enlarge and zoom in

Most infographics are way too much for my brain to take in at once, and if we are being honest, this one is no different.  But I think it is funny to see why ESPN covered this story like it was the Kennedy assassination for the last month or so.  Teams bent over backwards (and forwards in some cases), made moves they would never have made, and put all other transactions on hold just because the best player on the planet was available and there was at least a 1% chance he would go to their team.

It got so crazy that some people actually listened to what Chris Broussard had to say on the matter, despite the fact that everyone hates him more than any ESPN personality not named Skip Bayless.  All I ask is that LeBron doesn’t pull this shit again anytime soon.  Unless he goes to the Knicks, then sign me up for 2+ years of rumor mining and trying to connect the dots.

PS- If I have to hear that Daryl Morey won this offseason despite the fact he lost Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik, Chandler Parsons, and a first round pick to end up with Trevor Ariza as his LeBron/Melo/Bosh consolation prize, I am just going to snap.

jea 0101 wild heat

I am not sure if quoting your own Tweet is against the internet’s unwritten rules or what, but if you don’t think that this is actually in the realm of possibilities, then you haven’t been paying attention to the sports history of Cleveland for the last 60 years.  It would just be so Cleveland to trade a rookie for an established superstar, so you could pair him with the best player in the world and somehow have it all turn to shit.  If Cleveland makes this trade, I may bet on Wiggins to win rookie of the year that night.  Mortal lock of the century.

But if by some chance God does not smite Cleveland, these two playing together will be basketball porn for fans.  Two of the best passing big men of this generation on the same team?  Incredible.  Love getting rebounds and throwing outlet passes to LeBron chugging like a runaway train will lead to countless ESPN Top 10 plays.  Man, it’s nice to like LeBron again.

PS- This should be Cleveland’s official motto.