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There you go, world.  The latest and greatest idea I have come up with using my large man brain.  If for some crazy reason I did not sell you on #hashtag, I think I probably roped you in with Leftovers.  A lot of time you have leftovers in your refrigerator that you have to eat, but you want to go out and still enjoy a night out.  No worries, just go to that lovely little restaurant Leftovers down the street and they will heat up your food, show you their alcohol menu, and give you another night of food and enjoyment from last night’s dinner.

But what’s this?  Someone else is at the restaurant with their leftovers and would like to swap some of their food for some of your food, like the good old days in the elementary school cafeteria?  No problem, we can accompany that request.  All we need are basic kitchen and restaurant materials, without any of the food.  Is this a perfect idea?  No.  It is THE perfect idea.