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Final Rating: 8.8/10.  The internet will not let us forget that bacon is awesome.  I don’t know if you can actually give bacon anything but a 10 because it is always a 10.  So Slim Jim Bacon Jerky actually is an 18.8/10, if that makes sense.  The price of a 2 oz. bag of bacon jerky costs the same as a pound of uncooked bacon, so take that into account before getting crazy and buying it in bulk.

Macho Man Impersonation Rating: 5/10.  I went into this review trying out my Macho Man and it was on point in my brain.  However, I wasn’t saying “Snap into a Slim Jim”.  I was saying things like “Oooooh yeah, dig it”.

I recorded the review and used it, despite knowing how awful my voice was because I honestly don’t know if I could have done a better version.  Anyway, here is my Macho Man impression doing an actual Macho Man line.  This is much better, in my opinion.




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