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Philadelphia fans have a rivalry with the rest of the country/world, but last night was pretty awesome.  When Tony Gwynn Jr. came up to bat, the entire crowd gave him a standing ovation after the passing of his legendary (and from all accounts extremely friendly) dad.  I may not like you Philly, but Goddamn it I respect you (for one night only).

Also, great work by the umpire and Saltalamacchia to clean the plate and have a meeting at the mound to let the ovation last longer.  Class acts for a fallen class act.  Good stuff

PS- This clip of Gwynn Jr. going back and forth with a fan a few years ago was pretty terrific.


Sorry for the late post, but I was running around today.  I had to mention how Jose Fernandez was throwing stinky cheddar and wiffle balls against the Braves last night. Click the bottom image for highlights of Fernandez burning down Atlanta (too soon?). Three things about Jose:

1. This guy needs a nickname ASAP. El Sucio, La Flama Marron, Joey Frisbees, Widow’s Wail, Liquid Swords, or anything to describe this dude’s RIDICULOUS repertoire. El Duque with a 100 MPH fastball is dead on balls accurate.

2. As much as I love watching this guy, I cannot wait until the Marlins gut their team and trade him out of the NL East. Dealing with him, Stanton, and Bryce Harper for the next 15 years is purely terrifying for any Mets fan.

3. You knew this guy had to be special if the Marlins didn’t keep him in the Minors as long as possible so they could have organizational control over him for years to come in his prime.  Recently, I was lucky enough to get MLB.TV, so needless to say the Marlins are appointment watching once every five days.  Guys like this are the reason we watch sports.  We just NEED to get him a nickname.

This is one of the most obscene Home Runs I have ever seen.  I’m not saying I would trade the Mets entire 40-man roster for Stanton, but I’d give the Fish their pick of the litter.  The dude is 24 years old and already has this type of power?  Jeeeeeesus.

Now I don’t really think Miami will trade him within the division and then let him terrorize them for years, but one can dream. And I also wouldn’t trade Wheeler, Syndergaard, and a bunch of other legit prospects for him. But damn, it is sould crushing that he may hit more bombs this season than Granderson, Young, and Lagares combined.