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For some reason, we never see a negative Tony Romo tweet.  Trying to find a good, disparaging tweet about Tony Romo is like trying to find a needle in a stack of needles the size of Cowboys Stadium.


Anyone who has ever owned or played against Jason Witten in fantasy football knows exactly how accurate that tweet was.


What are the odds Dez Bryant tracked down this tweeter and beat him up?  65%?  80%?


I’m not sure I understand the Dwayne Harris tweet, but it is still a ridiculously hilarious statement.


However, the most accurate tweet was for Zack Martin.  Xbox Ones are awesome to have, but they don’t keep your feet warm and clean.  Just like a new playmaker is fun to have, but O-Linemen make sure your quarterback doesn’t need to have another back surgery.  Sometimes it’s about needs over wants.


The look Brandon Weeden gives the people behind the camera after he reads his tweet says “this person is 100% correct.  I don’t know why Jerry Jones is paying me, either”.


Brandon Carr attempting to read was as painful as it was funny.  I liked his fake outrage when he left after the third tweet, even though you know he doesn’t care what us peasants have to say about him.  Keep cutting those checks, Jerry!