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The World’s Greatest Word Game comes to Flushing for all Mets fans to enjoy.  Did you miss the game last night?  No worries, just fill in the words/phrases below and it will be like you were at the ballpark!

The Mets dropped yet another game tonight after <Mets Bullpen Pitcher> gave up a crucial hit in the <number higher than 6>th inning.  This game was just the latest <Synonym for soul-crushing> loss for the Mets and their fans, who have seemingly not experienced any joy since <Ummm, just write 2006>.  The Mets left <Number greater than 8> men on base during the game, including coming up empty <Number greater than 2> times with the bases loaded.

The Mets fortunes seemed to change for the worse after Daniel Murphy made a terrible play <“In The Field” or “On The Basepaths”>.  After that, it was all downhill for the Mets.  Chris Young went 0 for <Number greater than 3>, while Bobby Abreu played like a <Synonym for frightening> in right field.  Terry Collins <“Messed Up A Double Switch” or “Took The Starting Pitcher Out Too Early” but that was overshadowed by the terrible play of <Name of a AAAA Catcher On The Team>.

After the game, David Wright said the team needed to “continue fighting”, “keep their heads up”, and “<Sports Cliche>”.  But when you looked into David’s eyes, all you saw was <Synonym for sadness and misery>.  Unfortunately for Mets fans, the Wilpons still own the team, despite being <Number greater than 1 billion> dollars in debt to their banks and Major League Baseball.  Luckily for the Wilpons, there is a <Number less than 0> percent chance that their friend, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, will try to persuade the Wilpons to sell the team.  When reached for comment, Sandy Alderson said <Dead-pan joke that doesn’t get the intended response, can be misconstrued as blaming the fans, and something that will be milked by the obnoxious New York media>.

The Mets will begin their next series against <MLB Team Other Than The Mets> and you will watch every minute of it because you are a <Synonym for sucker>.  Hey, at least the PR Department hasn’t done anything to embarass the franchise or it’s fans lately. <Cross out that last sentence if the PR Department has indeed done something to embarrass the franchise or it’s fans recently>.

PS- June has been a blast thus far!