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ESPN- Frank Cashen, the architect of the 1986 world champion New York Mets, died Monday, a team spokesman said. He was 88.

Cashen, who died at Memorial Hospital in Easton, Maryland, served as Mets general manager from 1980 through 1991, transforming the organization from a perennial loser into a juggernaut.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Mets owned the best record in Major League Baseball during Cashen’s final eight seasons, compiling a 743-550 mark from 1984 to 1991.

Honest question, which is harder to do?  Make a team partially owned by the Wilpons a perennial contender or pull off the bowtie look for multiple decades?  I was too young to really appreciate how good those 80’s Mets teams were, but I have been a Mets fan long enough to know just how much better those teams were than the sludge we watch now.

I edited a list of notable moves Cashen made during his tenure with the Mets.  You can see the moves that helped form the best team of the 80s (record-wise), and the moves that caused the nightmares of the early 90s.

Nonetheless, a hell of a job making a World Series champion and one of the most entertaining teams in MLB history.  Rest In Peace, Mr. Cashen.  And thank you.


  •  First of all, look at that cut he takes.  Granted, it was 89 MPH in the heart of the plate, but still a legit rip down the line.
  • The ball rolling under the pictures of some of the most legendary hitters in baseball history on the outfield wall has some sort of understated meaning that I am not smart enough to comprehend.
  • Colon casually pulling into second as Big Mayo Matt Adams runs in back of him is equally incredible.  That may be the heaviest pitcher/fielder baserunning combination of all-time
  • And finally, the sneaky funniest part of this GIF.  The Mets bullpen going BANANAS and giving Big Fat Bartolo a standing ovation.  Baseball, still America’s past time, I guess.



The World’s Greatest Word Game comes to Flushing for all Mets fans to enjoy.  Did you miss the game last night?  No worries, just fill in the words/phrases below and it will be like you were at the ballpark!

The Mets dropped yet another game tonight after <Mets Bullpen Pitcher> gave up a crucial hit in the <number higher than 6>th inning.  This game was just the latest <Synonym for soul-crushing> loss for the Mets and their fans, who have seemingly not experienced any joy since <Ummm, just write 2006>.  The Mets left <Number greater than 8> men on base during the game, including coming up empty <Number greater than 2> times with the bases loaded.

The Mets fortunes seemed to change for the worse after Daniel Murphy made a terrible play <“In The Field” or “On The Basepaths”>.  After that, it was all downhill for the Mets.  Chris Young went 0 for <Number greater than 3>, while Bobby Abreu played like a <Synonym for frightening> in right field.  Terry Collins <“Messed Up A Double Switch” or “Took The Starting Pitcher Out Too Early” but that was overshadowed by the terrible play of <Name of a AAAA Catcher On The Team>.

After the game, David Wright said the team needed to “continue fighting”, “keep their heads up”, and “<Sports Cliche>”.  But when you looked into David’s eyes, all you saw was <Synonym for sadness and misery>.  Unfortunately for Mets fans, the Wilpons still own the team, despite being <Number greater than 1 billion> dollars in debt to their banks and Major League Baseball.  Luckily for the Wilpons, there is a <Number less than 0> percent chance that their friend, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, will try to persuade the Wilpons to sell the team.  When reached for comment, Sandy Alderson said <Dead-pan joke that doesn’t get the intended response, can be misconstrued as blaming the fans, and something that will be milked by the obnoxious New York media>.

The Mets will begin their next series against <MLB Team Other Than The Mets> and you will watch every minute of it because you are a <Synonym for sucker>.  Hey, at least the PR Department hasn’t done anything to embarass the franchise or it’s fans lately. <Cross out that last sentence if the PR Department has indeed done something to embarrass the franchise or it’s fans recently>.

PS- June has been a blast thus far!



Newsday- “I was there from 2009 through 2012, and it was ‘wait till next year, wait till next year,’” said Thole. “The hardest thing in the baseball world, in my opinion, is to play in New York for the Mets. Everything is a story there.”

So if the last week of games didn’t make Mets fans depressed, our former Punch and Judy hitting catcher decided to rub some salt in the open wound that is Mets fandom.  And the worst part about it is that he is completely right.  The culture of losing has been accepted around here from ownership on down.  Which causes the Mets PR department to constantly be in damage control.  Which sometimes leads to that department to dig it’s own grave.  Which allows the media to prey on the team’s lifeless corpse which in turn creates a negative culture of losing from the fans up to ownership.  It is a vicious, vicious cycle that starts up top with the Wilpons.  The circus is in town 162 games per year and Thole must be thrilled to be out of it.

Now I admittedly believe we are on the right path, with our young pitching getting some time in the Bigs.  But there are still way too many needless distractions that have no place in a successful franchise.  Plus some of our signings haven’t worked out and the next few big moves will determine whether the Mets have a legit offense to compete in the National League.  But until that toxic atmosphere that Thole discusses is cleaned up, there will be no joy in Flushing.

wright hug

Feeling the love, indeed.  I think every Mets fan just wants to give David Wright a hug after the last 7 years.

Great find by @MetsKevin11



Metsblog-  Paul Lo Duca said, on LoudMouths, that the Mets should trade David Wright in an effort to get younger.

“The Mets need to go back to square one, go back to their roots, go to younger players,” Lo Duca said. “If that means to trade David, that means to trade David.”

Lo Duca said that the team has young phenoms in Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler, and they should use them as the new cornerstones of the organization, instead of the older Wright.

“Listen, he’s one of my better friends, I love the guy. But they built a ballpark that’s not for him and that’s your franchise player,” Lo Duca said. “I thought that maybe they should have moved on with him a little bit and then went the pitching route.”

Wright is hitting .285 with a .342 OBP this season, with four home runs and 32 RBI.

“When [Harvey] gets healthy, they have the makings of a tremendous pitching staff and a tremendous bullpen, but I think they need to start back from the ground up, instead of just concentrating on going 81-81 every year,” the former All-Star catcher said.

Lo Duca advocated calling up younger players and seeing what they can do on the field, instead of bringing in veteran players.

I was a fan of LoDuca during his time with the Mets in the mid-2000’s.  He was a gritty leader that performed very well for my favorite Mets team ever.  However, once the team decided to part ways with LoDuca, he has been an outspoken critic against the organization.  While some of it may be sour grapes, he is also a lifelong Mets fan that has suffered along with the rest of us the last 8+ seasons.  However, he is also a new horse racing analyst for and is making his rounds to promote his gig.  So he may be trying out the old “no press is bad press” theory.

Anyway, regardless of LoDuca’s motives, I just don’t see how trading David Wright would make the Mets a better team.  They are stocked with young pitching with a glaring need for offense and veteran leadership.  Wright is the best player the Mets have to fill those needs.  Wright is also a known commodity, unlike most young hitting prospects that Wright could potentially be traded for.  One quick glance at the Mets record books shows how well the Mets have done grooming and developing their own offensive talent.  Most of the players in the record books were acquired via trade or free agency.  I also think the Mets are very close to being a serious contender in the National League.  If their young pitching continues to prove itself in the big leagues, the only thing missing from the Mets being in contention are a few bats.  Trading a reliable player at the tail end of his prime for younger, unknown talent strikes me as unwise.  Instead, I think the Mets should trade some of their young talent for established major leaguers, even if some of those players have warts on or off the field.  Mets fans are ready to win now with their homegrown team captain, not down the road with a group of prospects that may bust before they make it to The Show.  I loved hearing LoDuca on KFC Radio a few weeks ago, but I think I have to disagree with Paulie on this one.

May Mets

Well, that sure was bleak for a while, huh?  Losing 8 of 9 to start May was kind of a bummer.  I haaaaate when the Mets play in Colorado.  The final scores are video game numbers and our bullpen is a complete disaster due to overuse.  I don’t know how the Colorado bullpen survives out there.  Splitting with the Yankees was nice, but after taking the first two games, I have to admit that it stung not taking the series from them this year.  But the Amazins righted the ship against the Pennsylvania teams to end the month. (more…)

Not sure if anything else really needs to be said about this.  50 Cent with the worst first pitch in modern history throwing to Vlady, whose strike zone went from his toes to his nose.  Not wearing batting gloves made Vlady 1000000% cooler than he would have been, even though he was already the coolest player in baseball back then.  Loved that dude.

Also, lets not forget Guerrerro had an absolute CANNON of an arm.

I know tons of athletes do things like this all the time when a camera isn’t around, but this was great.  James is a real inspiration and David has always been a class act.  Despite the lack of success on the field, I couldn’t be prouder for this to be my favorite team and favorite player.  When did it get so dusty in this room?!?


One month down, five to go.  After the mere mention of 90 Mets wins this year was mocked far and wide, the Amazins finished the month of April 15-11, on pace for 93 wins.  Now I am a realist, which usually goes hand-in-hand with being a Mets fan.  I recognize that it is extremely early in the season and there are a million peaks and valleys left to ride out.  But if you can’t excited for the most wins your team has had in April since 2007, why are you even watching?  Anyway, here are some quick thoughts on the season. (more…)