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So Jimmy Fallon pulled a switcharoo on Yankees fans, having them boo a picture of Robinson Cano.  When they turned around, Cano came out of the picture and they did everything short of throwing him a parade in the Canyon of Heroes.  If you are a fan who wants to boo someone that left your team, that’s fine.  But have a backbone and stand behind what you say/do.  If Chipper Jones had ever became a Met, I would not have cheered him.  Same with Roger Clemens.  Just too much bad blood along the way.  Would I actively root against them at the expense of the Mets?  Of course not, I’m a Mets fan.  But don’t get down on your knees for the guy just because he appeared in person in front of you.  Be a stubborn a-hole and back up what you have said.  And how about the balls on the guy complaining that Cano left for the money?  Ummm, you are a Yankees fan, right bro?  I’m pretty sure their motto is “sign the best players the minute they become available because we can”.  Cano is probably the first AND last player that will ever pull a move like that on the Yanks, too.

And this isn’t a Mets/Yankees thing either, since Fallon pulled a similar prank on Mets fans talking about Matt Harvey last year.  New York does have some of the best/smartest fans in the world, but due to the sheer numbers, sometimes it feels like they have some of the worst too.  But it is nice to see Yankees fans get burned like this.  It’s the same fan base that relentlessly told Mets fans Carlos Beltran was a soft player with a gross mole on his ear the day he signed in Flushing.  Fast forward nine years and he is the next great Yankees outfielder who has always been underrated.  Give.  Me.  A.  Break.


ESPN- In honor of the 25th anniversary of the first “Seinfeld” show, the New York Mets‘ Single-A affiliate in Brooklyn will host “Seinfeld Night” in July.

The first 2,500 fans in attendance on July 5 will receive a Keith Hernandez “Magic Loogie” bobblehead, commemorating the episode where Kramer and Newman accused the former Mets first baseman of spitting at them at a game.

Seinfeld famously defended Hernandez by introducing the “Magic Loogie Theory.” The episode was in 1992, but the original pilot, called “Seinfeld Chronicles,” first aired on July 5, 1989.

During the game, the team will become Vandelay Industries Park, named for the latex company George Costanza tells the unemployment office he might work for. The Cyclones say that anyone who can present a legitimate business card that shows they are a latex salesman will get in for free.

Thanks to Newman, mailmen in uniform will throw out the first pitch. Fans will have a chance to take part in an eating contest featuring cereal, Jerry’s favorite food, and there will be a dancing contest where fans will try to dance just like Elaine. To commemorate one of Jerry’s most awkward moments, the Cyclones will wear puffy shirts during batting practice.

This is the most bittersweet news I could EVER imagine.  This Seinfeld episode is my favorite episode of all-time, Keith Hernandez is among my favorite humans of all-time, and my fantasy baseball team is named Keith Hernandez with my logo being the exact same pose as this bobblehead.  Now usually I could convince myself to drive two hours to the slums of Brooklyn just to get a bobblehead.  Hell, I’m the guy who wrote a 1500 word post on the 2014 Mets promotions.  FYI, this would be number one with a bullet on that list if it was a Mets giveaway.  But I was really hoping to go away to some sort of beach that weekend.  I also have to take into account the legit possibility that my wife may divorce me if I choose a bobblehead over a holiday vacation.  So I get a bobblehead, but lose half of my possessions.  Worth it?  I’ll let you know.

So lets put it up to a vote.

PS-  Naming the stadium Vandelay Industries Park?  Mailmen throwing out the first pitch?  A cereal eating contest?  And puffy shirts?  Someone in the marketing department deserves a god damn raise.


With the on-field product being a little sub-par at Citi Field, it is now time we turn our attention to the stuff the Mets are giving away for free this season.  Like most people, I am a sucker for free giveaways.  If you need proof, look how people react to the Pepsi Patrol’s T-Shirt Cannons.  Here is the official 2014 Mets Promotional Schedule.

The Mets will usually add a few promotions during the year (especially if the team is struggling), but these power rankings will just take into account the ones that were scheduled at the beginning of the season. (more…)

Crazy Mr.Met

Here is a quick breakdown of the 2014 version of my White Whale, the New York Mets.  Each player can adequately be summed up in 10 words or less. (more…)

Ahhh, Big Dumb Mike Pelfrey.  I was finally able to get my blood pressure to drop to a healthy level after putting him and Jason Bay out of my mind.  It seems like just yesterday the Mets needed a boost from the pitching staff and Pelf was standing there, looking like he was ready to break out.  Nope, instead he was inconsistent as hell and helped drive a stake into a few Mets seasons.  And who can forget the first regular season batter in Citi Field history?  Jody f’ing Gerut.  Add in the fond memories of Pelf licking his hands more than Drew Brees, needing a mouth guard to chew on, and having his struggles linked to his shrink somehow dying right before his most important season.  So yeah, this prank makes perfect sense to me.

This is one of the most obscene Home Runs I have ever seen.  I’m not saying I would trade the Mets entire 40-man roster for Stanton, but I’d give the Fish their pick of the litter.  The dude is 24 years old and already has this type of power?  Jeeeeeesus.

Now I don’t really think Miami will trade him within the division and then let him terrorize them for years, but one can dream. And I also wouldn’t trade Wheeler, Syndergaard, and a bunch of other legit prospects for him. But damn, it is sould crushing that he may hit more bombs this season than Granderson, Young, and Lagares combined.


CBS New York- Bill Buckner became the punching bag for Red Sox Nation after botching that little roller up along first in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. But believe it or not, now he’s best friends with the man on the better end of that play. “Bill and I have become very, very close,” Mets fan favorite Mookie Wilson told WIP radio in Philadelphia on Wednesday. “We’re really the best of friends. As good a friend as you can have. … I think I’ve learned more about Bill since both of us have gotten out of the game (than any) ball player I ever played with.” …The Mets, of course, went on to win the World Series in seven games after Wilson’s ground ball bounced through Buckner’s legs to cap off a legendary rally with New York facing elimination in Game 6. Wilson and Buckner, improbable BFFs, will appear together Saturday for an autograph session at the 94WIP Philly Sports Expo. “He is a great, great person,” Wilson said. “We enjoyeach other’s company and we have a lot in common, a lot more than you would think. And it’s just been great.”

This story is fantastic because the thought of Mookie and Buckner just shooting the shit all day long cracks me up.  Actually, if instead of promoting an autograph show they were promoting a reality TV show, I would set the DVR immediately.  Imagine Mookie and Buckner trying to reconcile broken relationships in the sports world?  Tonya/Nancy, Kobe/Shaq, hell even Manning/Vanderjagt would all be able to follow the example of Billy Bucks and The Mookster.  I always thought Buckner  got kind of a raw deal because there were about 1 million things that went wrong for the Sox in Game 6, but his E-3 will be the thing that lives in infamy.  He was banged up, probably shouldn’t have been in the game, and likely wouldn’t have beat Mookie to first base even if he fielded it cleanly.  But he was a gamer who laid it all out there for the team and never made any excuses.  When a fanbase is as tortured as the Red Sox fans were, everything gets magnified.  It’s nice to see that the Boston fans lightened up on Buckner after winning a few World Series, but that doesn’t mean those 18 years in between weren’t pure Hell for him.  I don’t know where I would place him on the “Hated Infamous Sports Goat” scale, but he was definitely at the top with Steve Bartman and Scott Norwood.  Anyway, I’m still holding out hope that this kicks off talks for a Mookie/Buckner reality show.

PS- Buckner’s Curb episode was golden.  Dude has acting chops as strong as his stache.

Just Matt Harvey slowly taking over New York City.  No big deal here, folks.  Watch out Fallon, he’s coming for your job next.  Happy Harvey Day, everyone!