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So simple, so good.  God bless Mongo Nation.


h/t Chad for the video



For those who don’t know, there is a new, glorious tradition in New York City.  Every year, the biggest mongos in the world gather for a day to celebrate everything Mike Francesa aka The Sports Pope.  I am 0 for 2 when it comes to attending FrancesaCons, but that has been due to work, not desire.  I will do everything in my power to make it there next year.  Anyway, here is a quick journey down the rabbit hole of the best day of the year for people who love the most iconic sports radio blowhard of all-time.


Maniacs attend this event dressed as Mike, the Mad Dog, and other random WFAN personalities. My favorite was Diet Coke Pope.



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Speaking of Diet Coke, this was the PERRRRFECT drink for a Mike Francesa tribute party.


A band singing the Mike’s On (or is it Mike Zaun?) theme.


// was trending on Twitter in New York


And of course, when the man of the hour took the stage, everyone listened.

Now lets listen to that Michael Kay chant again.



h/t @JonFrat for recording that Youtube video, which was clearer than the movies Jerry Seinfeld used to shoot back in his bootlegging days.  And of course to @FrancesaCon for organizing the whole damn thing.


For more Mike Francesa goodness, check out my Francesa soundboard at

This afternoon, Michael Kay decided to get his pea shootah out and take shots at the New York radio throne by chirping about Mike Francesa.  Kay said Francesa questioned his integrity by mentioning that the YES Network changed from Francesa to Kay because the network wanted creative control of the show.   (more…)

Say what you want about Michael Kay, but he is an annoying moron that isn’t even a pimple on Mike Francesa’s fanny. Kay can tell you how many gray hairs Derek Jeter has on his face, but he can’t recognize the voice of the guy who hands him his lunch every day in the ratings? What an uttuh, uttuh disastuh *handwave*.  You come at Numbah One, you best not miss.


To view the soundboard, please go to (Flash must be installed for soundboard to appear).

I started this labor of love earlier this year and couldn’t be prouder of it.  You have some of Mike’s famous catchphrases, classic jingles, and famous tirades all on one site.  So take some time away from the cubicle today and play around with the soundboard.  If you don’t, it would be an uttah, uttah disastah.

Unfortunately due to the nature of Flash, the soundboard is not viewable on iOS devices and any other devices/browsers that do not support Flash.  But if you still want to get access to the sounds, go to Mike And The Soundboard Lite.  Thanks to @KFCBarstool for the background image and for many of the sounds.  Enjoy!