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Your “soon to be” new ūüė¶

New and Old Mobile Design


Apparently someone at ESPN has a fever and the only prescription is more white space. ¬†And Heaven to Betsy is it¬†ugly. ¬†It’s like they are opening the current site in Safe Mode. ¬†ESPN pulled a similar stunt with Scorecenter SportsCenter, which may have (or definitely) lead to me using Yahoo Sports as my scores app.

So instead of having to use the abortion of a site above, I have decided to slightly modify the current page.  More scores, more fantasy and more stories relating to actual sports (the sports that people care about, that is).  Meanwhile there will be less X Games (as in none), less espnW (as in none), and less repetitive bullshit (as in 90% of what ESPN does when a big story breaks).

*Click to enlarge unless you want your eyes to explode from squinting.screencapture-espn-go-com

TL;DR.¬†The redesign looks great…