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Well that was a lovely journey down memory lane, huh?  ODB is so good, he can make you forget how sick you are of hearing that song for the last three years.  But seriously, those were the highlights of his rookie season after he missed training camp and 4 games with a hamstring injury. What is he going to do with a year of NFL experience under his belt and improved chemistry with Eli/Ben McAdoo?  I guess the question I am getting at is “Can Odell Beckham Jr. break a million yards receiving next year”?  And the answer just may be “definitely, without a doubt, yes”.



Yahoo- “One of the biggest things I do, and I’ve done it my whole career … in college and high school … when I get into the facility, I’ll get in the hot tub, shower and then go to my locker and just sit in my jockstrap,” Pollard said, after making sure it was OK to tell the truth to the assembled crowd. “In Baltimore, all the guys would time me, on how long I was naked or in a jock. I think it got up to 38 minutes one time. I’m a nudist.”

While Bernard’s definition of a nudist is different than most, I have to admit that the headline was pretty funny.  Because the guy who in different years has ended the seasons of Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Stevan Ridley, and basically Rob Gronkowski should be a badass super villain that looks and acts like J.J. Watt or Terrell Suggs.  Instead, he loves to sit naked in the middle of crowded locker rooms filled with dudes.

The other guy that ends Patriots seasons on a regular basis is a guy that isn’t even the best quarterback in his family and is routinely mocked for being goofy and stupid.  So despite all of the success the Patriots have had, these two nitwits have been responsible for costing the Patriots likely three more rings.  And if I was a Pats fan, it would drive me BONKERS.


I admit this one hurts as a Giants fan, but when you lose to the 1-10 Jaguars, the gloves have to come off.  And if you didn’t read that headline in your head with the voice of the NBA Jam announcer, you did it wrong.  Now we just need the people at the Daily News and the Post to start coming up with Jim Harbaugh puns, because he is absolutely, positively coming here*.




From Beckham’s Wikipedia page:


In case you live under a rock, and that rock blocks all cellular/WiFi signals, Odell Beckham Jr. made the 2nd best catch in NFL (and oddly enough New York Giants) history.  People will forget who won a Week 12 game between the Giants and the Cowboys.  But no one will ever forget that catch.  So in my mind, the Giants won the game.  Better luck next time, Cowgirls.

Anyway, Twitter and reddit did what they usually do, create funny content.  Here are the 13 (that’s his number and everything!) best Odell Beckham tweets/Photoshops that I saw last night:







So Larry Donnell AKA The Black Voltron shouted out this reddit thread for trying to come up with a nickname for the (soon to be) greatest tight end of all-time.  I am not here to disparage anyone, but the nickname The Don would be the most basic nickname in NFL history.  The evolutionary Black Unicorn + Megatron-esque matchup nightmare  = The Black Voltron.  It is really that simple.

So what I need everyone to do is to go to that reddit thread, Donnell’s Twitter feed, and/or Donnell’s Instagram page to let him know that you want his nickname to be Black Voltron.  If not for me, then for the criminally underrated 80s cartoon and toys that we all knew and loved.  #BlackVoltron has formed.

P.S. The Voltron song was absolute FIRE.  The first rapper to make a good song with that beat wins the rap game forever.

For more unabashed Black Voltron slurping, follow me on Twitter @TheClemReport


Well that was just awesome.  A New York sports legend that everyone counted out the last few months turned back the clock tonight and gave a vintage performance.  But enough about Eli Manning.  The entire Giants team brought the wood tonight in Washington and thoroughly dominated a seemingly good team for the second straight week. (more…)


After last week’s prediction went so well, I figured it was time to get back on the horse and breakdown today’s Giants/Cardinals game.  Here are three reasons the Giants will beat the Cardinals today.

1. The Giants have the better quarterback.  I should probably get punched in the face for saying that after the way Eli Manning and Carson Palmer looked on Monday night.  But Palmer has not been able to throw at all in practice this week due to a nerve issue in his shoulder.  Last I heard, Palmer was 50/50 to even play the game.  As bad as Eli played in Week 1, at least he is healthy (for now).  So what I am really saying is a healthy Eli is better than an injured Carson Palmer or healthy John Brown playing the most important position on the field.

2. Whether or not Palmer plays injured, the Cardinals will likely lean on Andre Ellington and the Arizona running game.  Luckily for the Giants, the one part of the entire franchise that looked good in the Lions game was the rush defense.  I expect Big Blue to shut down Arizona’s ground attack and it will be up to the Giants offense and special teams to help the defense by winning the field position battle (unlike in Detroit).

3. Finally, the Giants have the better pass rush.  The Cardinals came into the season with a bunch of question marks after injuries, suspensions, and free agent defections decimated their front 7.  Their best (and probably only legit) pass rusher was John Abraham, who left the team after their Week 1 win due to a concussion.  Abraham has complained of memory loss and is seriously considering retirement.  Suddenly J.P.P.’s shoulder injury doesn’t seem so dire in the grand scheme of things.  Anyway, advantage Giants.

Prediction: Giants 20 Cardinals 16