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Two weeks ago, the Mets announced their promotional schedule for the 2015 season.  As I did in 2014, I broke down the best promotions of the schedule.  This may be the first Mets season in a long time where the product on the field is better than the products given out for free off the field.  On to the rankings:



Sure the Gold Glove is a relatively meaningless award that is somehow occasionally determined by how popular/offensively talented a player is.  But as a Mets fan, any type of good news is GREAT news.  While I may hate the late 90s-early 2000s Yankees for ruining my childhood, I have to respect how they built their team.  They built it up the middle, with a catcher, shortstop, and centerfielder to help anchor their pitching staff.  You can usually find decent players on the corners via trade or free agency.  But most teams do not let up-the-middle talent walk away (insert Jose Reyes picture here).

I think/hope that the Mets have found their centerfielder and catcher for the next 10 years or so.  Both Lagares and Travis d’Arnaud looked like Major League players last season and showed a knack for hitting in the clutch.  The long-term outlook for the middle infield positions are still huge question marks, but money or trade assets will likely (hopefully?) be used to fix that problem.  So whether the Mets have to take a chance on a middle infielder with injury issues, off-the-field issues, or some other type of warts, I will sleep easy tonight knowing that Juan Lagares will make centerfield in Citi Field the place where fly balls go to die for the foreseeable future.  I want Lagares to defensively kill rallies the same way Andruw Jones used to do against the Mets.  Tonight’s Gold Glove is a sign that he is one of the (if not THE) best defensive outfielders in the game.  I have a feeling that a few Juan Lagares Gold Gloves will turn into Cy Young Awards for some of his teammates in the near future.  But that is probably just the Mets fan in me.  Our optimistic season only goes from November-July.  Juanny Beisbol is now Juanny Be Gold.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to treat my eyeballs to some Juan Lagares baseball porn.  I suggest you do the same.


So I had a nice Friday night planned with the wife.  “Neighbors” on TV1, Mets/Cubs on TV2.  Maybe sprinkle in some preseason football moneymaking viewing to get the weekend started.  And then my entire world was turned upside down when I saw the Mets ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


What the hell is going on with Jay Horwitz’s midsection?  There are so many possibilities.

3:1- He is getting a jump on the next viral fundraiser, the Rabies Fupa Challenge.

6:1- Jay has the most epic pair of man boobs we’ve ever seen.  Swing low, sweet chariots.

10:1- He is slowly turning into Grimace.


20:1- Horwitz is the main villain in the new Goosebumps book.


Finally, what is going on with those sock marks, Jay?  I respect the high sock game and all*, but that is patently ridiculous.  May be time to hit the ol’ Big And Tall store for some socks, Jay Bird.


*Editor’s note: I don’t respect anyone who wears socks from April-October, I was just trying to be nice**

**I actually respect any girl that wears high socks, regardless of month. 

I think it moved.


Also, no dibs on being the one to tell Harvey he has to pitch out of the bullpen next year.  Sorry Matthew, but when you have The 2014 NL Rookie of the Year (deGrom), The 2015 Cy Young (probably Wheeler), The Lefty (Niese), The 2015 NL Rookie of the Year (Syndergaard), and The Comedic Relief That Everyone ADORES (Fat Bart), there just isn’t any room for stud Cy Young candidates.  Oh yeah, and lets not forget Mr. Guts Dillon Gee and legit prospect Rafael Montero.  Life as a Mets fan is about to be prettyyyyy, prettyyyy, prettyyyyyy good.

july mets

Best July Moment:  July 7th-9th vs. The Braves.  If it is illegal to pick three days instead of one moment, sue me.  After the Braves swept the Mets in Atlanta to begin the month, it felt real good to win a squeaker, a blow out, and a pitching duel.  This series, sandwiched between the Rangers and Marlins series, gave Mets fans hope that the team wasn’t going to call it quits before August came.  

Worst July Moment: The End Of The Padres Rubber Game.  You remember the game.  Odrisimar Dispagne was throwing a no-hitter and any Mets fan was ready to give his/her right arm to avoid having the Mets be the first no-hit victim in Padres history.  Then something funny happened.  The Mets broke up the no-hitter, tied the game up, and looked like they were going to sneak out a win.  The Mets used to be the kings of throwing 7+ no-hit innings and then end up taking the loss.  So I was salivating at the thought of them turning the tables on the Friars.  Instead, Vic Black gave up the game-winning run and the Mets left San Diego losing 2 of 3 games.  This game sucked. (more…)


Dear Troy,

Hi, my name is Clem and I am a diehard Mets fan.  I am writing to you because I would really love it if you requested a trade out of Colorado.  If the owner and GM ask where you would like to go, tell them Flushing, Queens (it’s kind of a weird name, but you will get used to it).  I blog about sports and pop culture on my site The Clem Report.  If you ever wanted to get into blogging, you could be a guest writer on my blog.  We could talk about Game of Thrones and review all kinds of new foods and candies.

Anyway, I read on Wikipedia that you married your high school sweetheart.  Guess what?  I married my college sweetheart!  Maybe we could all go to the movies if/when you get traded here.  I always have a tough time deciding between getting popcorn or candy.  Maybe I could get popcorn, you could get candy, and we could share.  I also have a best friend named Rambo (he’s a hawk that lives in my yard).  He doesn’t speak English, but I bet he could be your best friend as well.  We could be known as The Three Amigos, which is Spanglish for The Three Friends.

I also read that you recently became a father and have a son named Taz.  I don’t have any children yet, but my wife and I would love to babysit if you ever needed a night out.  I was a fan of the Looney Tunes growing up and Taz was one of my favorite characters.  I even had a few of those Taz shirts that were two sided.  I don’t have them anymore, but I could buy one for you as a welcome present for when you get to New York.


A lot of people downgrade your offensive numbers because you play in Colorado.  I can promise you that will not be the case if you come to the Mets.  Citi Field is, ummmm, different than Coors Field.  The Mets owners built a ballpark that was designed to neutralize our best player’s power alleys.  But don’t worry Troy, they can’t screw that up again (I think).  We also have a cool mascot named Mr. Met.  He is really nice and has a family as well.  All their heads are baseballs!  How cool is that?  I know the Rockies have a mascot named Dinger that is a triceratops.  If you have ever seen Jurassic Park, you know that once the electricity goes off, dinosaurs try to eat people.  Is that really the type of animal you would want near your growing family?  I wouldn’t trust a triceratops as far as I could throw it (which isn’t very far at all).

I know you have a lot of great memories in Colorado and feel loyal to the Rockies franchise, as well as their fans.  I happen to know what that feels like.  When I was in little league, I became great friends with my coaches, teammates, and their families.  Unfortunately in little league, you are forced to change teams every season.  But guess what?  You make a new set of friends with your new coaches, teammates, and their families.  So you end up with double the amount of friends after the season is over!

Also, I am not sure if you heard, but the Rockies messed up your t-shirt giveaway night by spelling your name wrong.  Considering how long you have been there and how good you have been, that is really messed up.  I can already spell your name with my eyes closed.  T-U-L-O-W-I-T-Z-K-I.  Editor’s note: His (my) eyes were really closed.

Finally Troy, I know Derek Jeter was your favorite player growing up.  But trust me, you do not want to go to the Yankees.  You will have to change your number and they won’t even put your last name on the back of your jersey.  Plus the Mets are going to be about 20 games better than the Yankees next year.  The Mets also have David Wright, who has been the best third baseman in the National League for the last 10 years and is a mix of Mickey Mouse and a boy scout.  You will love playing with him.

The ball is in your court, Tulo (I can call you that, right?).  All I can do is sit here and wait.  Give my best to your wife and Taz.  I hope to see you in New York soon!



PS- Rambo says hi and really hopes you come here.

2 shrug

Deadspin- Two years ago, the Houston Astros constructed “Ground Control”—a built-from-scratch online database for the private use of the Astros front office. It is by all accounts a marvel, an easy-to-use interface giving executives instant access to player statistics, video, and communications with other front offices around baseball. All it needs, apparently, is a little better password protection.

Documents purportedly taken from Ground Control and showing 10 months’ worth of the Astros’ internal trade chatter have been posted online at Anonbin, a site where users can anonymously share hacked or leaked information. Found below, they contain the Astros front office’s communications regarding trade overtures to and from other teams, as well as negotiations—a few of which actually led to trades. You will find heavy efforts to get a big haul for Bud Norris at last year’s trade deadline (before settling for very little), pushes to acquire touted young talents like Dylan Bundy and Gregory Polanco, and even evidence the Astros rejected out of hand a blockbuster deal that could have brought them Giancarlo Stanton.

This story broke a few weeks ago, which gives some fascinating insight on what exactly goes down when teams are discussing roster moves internally.  The Clem Report has gotten its hands on exclusive chatter from behind the scenes of the Mets front office this winter.* (more…)


Every year the teams in my fantasy baseball league are all named after a certain theme.  In years past, the themes have been Simpsons characters, pro wrestlers and TV show names.  This year’s theme was anything Seinfeld related.  The name could be a character, a saying, or ANYTHING else that existed in the Seinfeld universe.  Everyone quickly had a list of about ten team names they had to decide between without having to put any real thought into the matter.

So in honor of this wonderful show, as well as the greatest minor league promotion ever and the new Seinfeld emojis that will be released soon, I have decided to use Seinfeld for my 2014 New York Mets midseason awards blog.  Plus, can you really get more New York than if you talk about Seinfeld and baseball? (more…)

june mets

Best June Moment:  Bartolo Colon’s Double.  Duh.  A picture says a thousand words.  A video of Bartolo Colon’s double says a billion words.

Worst June Moment: The Eighth Inning On June 30th.  After a brutal month, Zack Wheeler threw a pseudo-gem in the Mets nightmare factory known as Turner Field, only for the defense and bullpen to blow the game.  An awful way to end an awful month.



ESPN- Frank Cashen, the architect of the 1986 world champion New York Mets, died Monday, a team spokesman said. He was 88.

Cashen, who died at Memorial Hospital in Easton, Maryland, served as Mets general manager from 1980 through 1991, transforming the organization from a perennial loser into a juggernaut.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Mets owned the best record in Major League Baseball during Cashen’s final eight seasons, compiling a 743-550 mark from 1984 to 1991.

Honest question, which is harder to do?  Make a team partially owned by the Wilpons a perennial contender or pull off the bowtie look for multiple decades?  I was too young to really appreciate how good those 80’s Mets teams were, but I have been a Mets fan long enough to know just how much better those teams were than the sludge we watch now.

I edited a list of notable moves Cashen made during his tenure with the Mets.  You can see the moves that helped form the best team of the 80s (record-wise), and the moves that caused the nightmares of the early 90s.

Nonetheless, a hell of a job making a World Series champion and one of the most entertaining teams in MLB history.  Rest In Peace, Mr. Cashen.  And thank you.