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Name the last hip hop combo that dropped fire like this.  Kanye and Jigga? Pac and Dre?  Biggie and Puffy (where B.I.G. ghostwrites the entire song)?  This duo drops one song per year and it scorches the entire Earth.  Damn it feels good to have your team quarterbacked by a gangsta.  I need multiple tattoo tears on Eli’s babyface ASAP, though.  The Louisiana rap game is back in full force.  Next up is a Manning Hip Hop Camp.  A few other thoughts: (more…)

So this just happened.  All the countless hours of hard work done by Justin Timberlake and Johnny Manziel to make white people seem kinda cool just went down the drain in a 2-minute video.

This is exactly how I have always pictured Peyton Manning dancing.  I don’t care if this is some sort of Rocky Top dance or not.  If you throw in Wes Welker dancing like a maniac in the background and you can place white people back to ground zero in the coolness department.

As if I needed another excuse to link to an old Chapelle skit.

Here is Peyton Manning rocking a classic “bad guy movie character” goatee.  Add in the bowtie and we have all the classic makings of a super villain.


A man thinks of a lot of crazy things when he is recovering from neck surgery and is cut by the only professional team he has ever known.  This picture was the first hint Peyton may be turning to the dark side.


And it’s not like there is a precedent of a Colorado resident having an evil clone appear out of nowhere, with the only difference being their goatee.  Oh wait…


The prosecution rests, Your Honor.