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Scouting Report

Strengths: Uses two hands.  Isn’t afraid to go over the middle and fight in traffic.  

Needs To Improve: Body control. 40 time (probably)

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I think it moved.


Also, no dibs on being the one to tell Harvey he has to pitch out of the bullpen next year.  Sorry Matthew, but when you have The 2014 NL Rookie of the Year (deGrom), The 2015 Cy Young (probably Wheeler), The Lefty (Niese), The 2015 NL Rookie of the Year (Syndergaard), and The Comedic Relief That Everyone ADORES (Fat Bart), there just isn’t any room for stud Cy Young candidates.  Oh yeah, and lets not forget Mr. Guts Dillon Gee and legit prospect Rafael Montero.  Life as a Mets fan is about to be prettyyyyy, prettyyyy, prettyyyyyy good.


I’ve heard people say great things about the show Veep for a few years now.  Add in the fact that they have Buster Bluth on the show, as well as everyone’s old crush Elaine Benes, and I’m surprised I haven’t given it a try yet.  But this may be the final straw it takes to reel me in.  Sure ol’ Julia has aged a few years, but DAMN.  When you are worth a few billion and you still look like that?  God Bless.  That tat would give anyone ridiculous street cred in The Capitol.

Am I writing this post as I wait on hold with DirecTV to order HBO right now?  No comment.