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What the HELL was that?!?!  Before I posted this blog, I thought about ignoring the commercial because they may have purposely made it so comically bad to ensure it would trend.  But the majority of people who actually vote don’t actively read blogs or use Twitter.  Since I am not a sheep, my vote is up for grabs until the minute I go into a voting booth.  I don’t vote by party, I vote on the issues at hand (AKA read about them 2 minutes before I vote).

However, if you are a complete muckraker (and especially if you use awful boloney puns), I will vote against you on principle alone.  So congrats Sean Maloney, you have your first vote of the election.  I hope you aren’t a complete asshole.

P.S. I believe that all politicians are crooks and I hate politics.  I sincerely hope this is the last political blog I ever write.  I am Clem and I begrudgingly approve this blog post.


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a pretty reasonable, level-headed guy who can usually see both sides of an argument.  I like to think I see the same way when it comes to political issues, even though I am usually further than arms length from many issues that arise.  For example, my wife and I currently just had to go to to read up on what the government shutdown is all about.  So while I can usually see both sides of a political argument, it doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree with either side.  Here are my thoughts on the shutdown.  I hate politics in all aspect of life.  I realize that they are an evil due to the way this world works, but I hate them.  I have avoided doing things in life that would involve getting involved in a political game just because I do not want to play these games.  One of my least favorite parts of my corporate jobs have been the political butt kissing that goes on both during and after office hours.  I guess that’s why I love Ned Stark so much.  His stance always has been to be say what you mean and believe and don’t backbite.  But again, this unfortunately is not the way the world works.  The quickest way to get ahead in many aspects of life is to throw on your knee pads and go to town on the highest superior you can find.  That will never be me for better or worse.  Given the way I live, I think I will be fine with that decision, but I understand those who would rather live on their knees than die on their feet.  To each their own.  Anyway, on to actual politicians.

I do believe that there are politicians in this world who truly have people’s best interests at heart and believe they are doing things for the truly right reasons.  But I also think the people with the least amount of corruption are those with the least amount of power.  To move up in the political game requires making tough decisions and alliances that can go against everything you believe in, or so far towards something you believe in that you lose a part of your soul.  I do not think that any professional politician truly has the good of the public in their hearts 100% with every decision.  It is nice to think that they do, but all of their decisions end up being for personal benefit and their own selfish interests, whether it is direct or indirect.  In some ways, you cannot blame these people because it is “All in the game”.  But when I say things like “all politicians are crooked and I will never trust any of them”, that is the basis of my statement.  Whether or not the reasons for the shutdown are valid, at least part of all of this is posturing by both sides.  This affects many, many lives and the burden will only continue to grow.  While the root of the shutdown may be legitimate, I am sure there is a myriad of personal, selfish reasons why it is continuing.  I think it is an absolute joke and EVERY SINGLE person involved in it from every side should be ashamed of themselves.  They are all crooks in my book and will remain that way until they all prove me wrong.  I will not be holding my breath for that though.

I sincerely hope and believe this will be the only time I discuss politics on this blog.  I like the much, much simpler things in life like sharing my thoughts on sports, food, electronics, and different media.  The quickest way to get unfollowed by me is to talk about politics on your social media soap box.  So I hope you could at least see my point of view and know why I will do everything in my power to avoid any poltics talk on this blog for as long as I write it.  Thanks for reading!