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BuzzFeed- Throughout its 16-year run, MTV’s The Challenge has seen contestants chalk up their poor performances to subpar teammates, conspiring alliances, and sexual tension.

So, for the show’s upcoming 25th season, there will be no partners and no teams. For the first time, it’s every (wo)man for themselves.

The Challenge: Free Agents kicks off on April 10 with 28 MTV alumni fighting solo for more than $350,000 in prize money. And, also unlike previous seasons, Season 25 will see a random draw select one male contestant and one female contestant to head into the elimination round against contestants chosen by that week’s winners.

CT — Real World: Paris (2003)
Swift — The Real World: St. Thomas (2012)
Dustin — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
Johnny Bananas — The Real World: Key West (2006)
Leroy — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
Frank — The Real World: San Diego (2011)
Isaac — The Real World: Sydney (2007)
Zach — The Real World: San Diego (2011)
Cohutta — The Real World: Sydney (2007)
Johnny — The Real World: Portland (2013)
Jordan — The Real World: Portland (2013)
Chet — The Real World: Brooklyn (2009)
Preston — The Real World: New Orleans (2010)
Brandon — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)

Jemmye — The Real Wold: New Orleans (2010)
Laurel — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)
Devyn — The Real World: Brooklyn (2009)
Cara Maria — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)
Nia — The Real World: Portland (2013)
Nany — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
LaToya — The Real World: St. Thomas (2012)
Emilee — The Real World: Cancun (2009)
Jessica — The Real World: Portland (2013)
Aneesa — The Real World: Chicago (2002)
Camila — Spring Break Challenge (2010)
Jasmine — The Real World: Cancun (2009)
Theresa — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)
Jonna — The Real World: Cancun (2009)

It looks like Christmas has arrived in March, folks.  The last few months I’ve felt like something was missing in my life.  I didn’t know if it was the weather, no fantasy teams playing, or the lack of a competitive pro sports team.  Nope, turns out I was just missing the crap out of TJ Lavin and The Challenge.  Looking at the roster, we don’t have many old school players left, which is good and bad.  Some of the best characters on the show are from the earlier seasons, but a lot of them are too old and can’t keep up with this younger crowd.  The new faces bring looser lips and morals, so I’m sure that makes the execs happy.  MTV is always changing the rules in order to kill the alliances, but no matter how much we underestimate this group of degenerates, they find a way to manipulate the game.  Here is to another year of drunken debauchery, sloppy hookups, and backstabbing!  Oh yeah, and a bearded CT.