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The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Oreo Review

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So there you have it folks.  I tip my hat to Nabisco for trying to make a Supercookie that would eliminate all of it’s competitors Godfather style.  But like the Chewy Chips Ahoy Oreo Creme Cookie, there is just not enough frosting to make a real impact on the flavor.  You get a hint of Reese’s when you bite into the cookie, but when I see that giant Peanut Butter cup on the package, I’m expecting to get hit by a Mike Tyson uppercut of flavor.  I appreciate these marriages of two awesome foods, but unless you are going to do it right, stop wasting my time.

Rating: 8.1/10

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I wanted to love this super-cookie and was completely prepared to give them a 10.  Perhaps I just hyped it up too much in my brain.  However, since the cookies are chewy and thin, you can’t really put that much creme in the cookie.  Hence why Double Stuft is clearly the only way to go when buying Oreos.  The super-cookie basically has 1/4 the amount of frosting of a regular Oreo, granted in a delcious Chewy Chips Ahoy cookie.  It is basically a chewy cookie with a thin creme filling.  However, give Nabisco time to perfect the cookie-to-creme ratio.  First you get the ratio, then you get the power, then you get the women.

Rating: 7/10

May Mets

Well, that sure was bleak for a while, huh?  Losing 8 of 9 to start May was kind of a bummer.  I haaaaate when the Mets play in Colorado.  The final scores are video game numbers and our bullpen is a complete disaster due to overuse.  I don’t know how the Colorado bullpen survives out there.  Splitting with the Yankees was nice, but after taking the first two games, I have to admit that it stung not taking the series from them this year.  But the Amazins righted the ship against the Pennsylvania teams to end the month. (more…)


I love movie trailers.  When I go to the movies, I try to get there 5-10 minutes earlier just to enjoy the full cinematic experience of watching the trailers in the movie theater.  I have the Trailers app on my iPhone and will plan seeing a movie once I see a good trailer.  

This was decidedly NOT the case with Captain Phillips.  I am a huge Tom Hanks fan and enjoy a good movie with some action in it.  However, the trailer for Captain Phillips was definitely lacking.  It seemed more like a drawn out hostage negotiation type of movie with really creepy-looking villains than a movie that could keep your full attention for 2 hours and 15 minutes.  I had a few conversations about the movies with family and friends and everyone had the same mindset.  “I love Tom Hanks, but that movie just does not appeal to me”.  

I did become slightly intrigued in the movie once I heard that “Captain Phillips” had received a 94% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  My interest level spiked however when my parents offered to treat my wife and I to the movies and dinner.  Just like the saying that food tastes better when it’s free, a movie is better when it’s paid for by someone else.  So I will fully admit that I would not have seen this movie if my lovely parental units did not pay for my ticket.  I am very happy that they did.

Captain Phillips is based on a true story of a hijacking off the coast of Somalia.  I did not follow the story closely when it happened in 2009, but I do remember hearing about some of it on the news (likely on in the background as I mindlessly wandered the internet).  Without giving away any spoilers, I will say that the movie had a decent flow to it and made you care about the characters, despite only knowing them for a short time.  There is a good amount of action and it does a good job opening your eyes to the Somali piracy world.  The movie was much more gripping than the trailer would have you believe and Tom Hanks puts on an acting clinic yet again.  I was just blown away by Hanks’ last scene in the movie.  Even though movies are ridiculously expensive and losing their luster to other entertainment options, I sincerely recommend seeing “Captain Phillips” if you are looking for something to do on a slow fall night.

Rating: 7.75/10


As I mentioned in my coffee blog today, I have recently become a coffee drinker.  This was mostly thanks to having coffee with flavored creamer, as every time I had it with milk and sugar, it just wasn’t all that appetizing.  In most grocery stores, there is your basic creamer flavors: French Vanilla and Hazelnut.  Sometimes you will come across a flavor that is seasonal (pumpkin spice) or promotional (Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie).  In Keyfood last week, I happened to stumble upon the Heath Bar International Delight creamer.  I believe that Heath Bar is one of the most underrated gems in the candy world.  It is great to eat on its own and is even better in a complementary role in sundaes or baked goods.  The only real negative is that it can get stuck in your teeth.  So when I found it as a creamer flavor, I was obviously very excited to try it out.

Now most creamers are not very true to their original taste.  I understand that, since it is also mixing with coffee.  But the Heath Bar creamer tastes nothing like the original at all.  I think if you try to convince yourself that there is a hint of Heath Bar, you can probably taste it.  But that was not the case with the bottle I had.  After three uses, I finally threw out the rest of the creamer.  The Heath Bar creamer went from something I was excited about to something that made my coffee undrinkable.  A very disappointing purchase and one you should avoid.

Rating: 2/10