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So Jimmy Fallon pulled a switcharoo on Yankees fans, having them boo a picture of Robinson Cano.  When they turned around, Cano came out of the picture and they did everything short of throwing him a parade in the Canyon of Heroes.  If you are a fan who wants to boo someone that left your team, that’s fine.  But have a backbone and stand behind what you say/do.  If Chipper Jones had ever became a Met, I would not have cheered him.  Same with Roger Clemens.  Just too much bad blood along the way.  Would I actively root against them at the expense of the Mets?  Of course not, I’m a Mets fan.  But don’t get down on your knees for the guy just because he appeared in person in front of you.  Be a stubborn a-hole and back up what you have said.  And how about the balls on the guy complaining that Cano left for the money?  Ummm, you are a Yankees fan, right bro?  I’m pretty sure their motto is “sign the best players the minute they become available because we can”.  Cano is probably the first AND last player that will ever pull a move like that on the Yanks, too.

And this isn’t a Mets/Yankees thing either, since Fallon pulled a similar prank on Mets fans talking about Matt Harvey last year.  New York does have some of the best/smartest fans in the world, but due to the sheer numbers, sometimes it feels like they have some of the worst too.  But it is nice to see Yankees fans get burned like this.  It’s the same fan base that relentlessly told Mets fans Carlos Beltran was a soft player with a gross mole on his ear the day he signed in Flushing.  Fast forward nine years and he is the next great Yankees outfielder who has always been underrated.  Give.  Me.  A.  Break.