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Nailed it.  I think I have been in every one of those scenarios.  Not wanting to hang out with certain co-workers outside of the cubes or being stuck with the person that shorts the restaurant bill every damn time.  And the toilet scene is a dagger to the heart of any cube monkey. I recently got a job where I work from home. And other than having to commute exactly 0 minutes a day, being able to poop in the privacy of my own bathroom is easily the best part of the “work from home” life.

The only problem with this video is that I have ‘Nam-like flashbacks of that commercial being beaten into my brain every NFL Sunday for 20+ weeks. And anytime you bring up commercials that were beaten to death during NFL season, you leave the gate open for this song to re-enter your life.



Sunday’s SNL 40 has been the event of the year so far.  Since I have a weird brain, I decided to compare the Barstool bloggers to some of the faces from Saturday Night Live’s 40 years.


El Presidente= Lorne Michaels.  Men who sold their soul for the chance to run a ruthlessly efficient comedy machine.  Well maybe not ruthlessly efficient.  But definitely a comedy machine.


Feitelberg = Pete Davidson:  In full disclosure, I had a hard time picking out someone for Feits.  I picked Pete Davidson since they are both young guys hand-picked by Pres/Lorne and there is a good chance they will never know what a real job is like.


Hank = Jimmy Fallon:  Someone who was once known for his miscues, but has slowly become an important part for the whole operation.  A survivor.


KFC = Steve Martin:  While Martin was not technically a cast member, he definitely is a long-time contributor that was a big part of the machine’s success.  Also, Tom Hanks attributing Steve Martin’s comedy to “self-loathing and unhappiness” was so KFC, it’s scary.


KMarko = Mike Myers:  A model of consistency.  Always has hits and everyone seems to like him.  Success outside of Barstool/SNL definitely wouldn’t be a problem.


Big Cat = Bill Murray:  A diehard Chicago sports fan with a brain that isn’t like most people’s.  In fact, I guarantee Bill Murray was the guy that outbid BC for the Craigslist ghost.


Smitty = Jason Sudekis:  Both seem to fit the “common man” mold.  The two big differences between the two are Sudekis has a much bigger paycheck and planted his seed in Olivia Wilde.  Speaking of which, lets take a quick break from these ugly mugs with the Olivia Wilde boob jiggle.



Nate = David Spade:  Short guys who have a weird draw on hot women.  And try to tell me that David Spade wouldn’t text a chick out of the blue with the word “Babes”.  You can’t.


Trent = Chris Farley:  Where there is David Spade, Chris Farley can’t be far behind.  The Hawkeye Hugger (like Farley) is a midwesterner that is loved by all and will do whatever it takes to try to get a laugh.  Wearing a corn suit in front of Mark Cuban takes serious stones, regardless of how bad the pitch may have flopped.  Plus I sometimes forget that he isn’t a Chris Farley lookalike just because Farley is his Twitter avi (again, my brain is weird).


Clem = Justin Timberlake:  Oh wow, that’s me.  Neither are even close to full-time members, but they are hilarious and memorable every time the show up.  Plus the whole “really, really, ridiculously good looking and awesome at dancing” thing too.


If you have any better ideas or other comparisons, tweet them to me @TheClemReport with the hashtag #BarstoolSNL40.