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San Diego Padres v Seattle Mariners

NYPost- Now this is some kind of meltdown. One-time Yankees stud farmhand Jesus Montero, whose weight has ballooned since a trade to the Seattle Mariners even as his prospect status has deflated, lost his cool Thursday night and confronted a scout (from his own team!) with a bat — all over an ice cream sandwich.

The incident occurred in Boise, where Montero was on an injury rehab assignment with the Single-A Everett AquaSox. The bizarrely antagonistic scout apparently razzed Montero throughout the game then sent the dairy taunt to him in dugout — guess the vanilla insults weren’t working. According to, Montero approached the stands wielding a bat and threw the dessert while screaming profanities before he was restrained. 

Man I hate the living shit out of Jesus Montero.  First I had to hear Yankees fans tell me Montero was going to be better than Mike Piazza.  Then he got shipped out to Seattle for Michael Pineda and promptly gained 1,000 pounds.  I wanted Montero to become the next Jay Buhner AKA the player Yankees fans bellyached about years after the trade.

And then Jesus went ahead and pulled the ultimate food sin.  No matter what someone says to you, you do NOT throw an ice cream sandwich at them.  It is the king of the ice cream novelty kingdom (Choco Taco is the crown prince though, don’t get it twisted).  Doing something ignorant as that defines the phrase “wasting your food”.  I hope all the bad things in life happen to Montero and nobody else but Montero.


*Click to watch video because I can’t truly embed a damn MLB video on this blog 😦

MLB- Fernando Rodney must have run out of arrows on Sunday.  After the Seattle closer got Kole Calhoun to fly out to deep center and end the eighth inning, Rodney reached back for one of his trademark imaginary arrows and shot it towards the Angels’ dugout.

“That was for the fans, because they booed me,” said Rodney, who pitched for the Angels from 2010-11 and is far from beloved in Anaheim. “It’s part of the game.”  The game was not over, however, and the Angels came back to beat Rodney and the Mariners, 6-5, in the ninth on Grant Green’s single up the middle at Angel Stadium. Before Green’s game-winner, however, the Angels responded to Rodney’s display.

After Mike Trout drew a five-pitch walk, Albert Pujols stepped in against Seattle’s All-Star closer. Pujols watched two pitches before jumping on a 1-1 Rodney fastball and dumping it into right field. Trout scored on the double to tie the game at 5.  While standing on second base, Pujols fired an arrow towards the Angels dugout. Trout sent one back.

God I love this video so much. I don’t really get annoyed when dominant closers have a celebration, mostly because it is a pressure filled situation and these guys are just releasing their anxiety once the high wire act is over.  But fuuuuuuuuuuck Fernando Rodney.  He was an abomination before he went to Tampa, ruining Tigers wins and countless fantasy teams along the way.

Now he has that stupid ass arrow routine.  And the fact he did that in the 8th inning of a game he was about to blow is the most poetic of justices in the world.  I love Phat Albert and The Natural throwing the arrows back at him.  Fantastic.  And all the talk about him shooting the arrows towards the fans?  Ummm, Fernando you know they record these games, right?  It is clear as day you pointing at the Angels dugout.  No matter, though.  Chalk up another BS in the box score for Rodney and yesterday was a good day.

PS- I have not heard one person on the internet mention the similarities between Mike Trout and Johnny from The Real World: Portland.  They may not look like twins, but they are at least those brothers that are one year apart and teachers constantly mistake for each other in school.  Glaring omission by the internet.


No. But I know who I am rooting for the MINUTE the Mets are eliminated from playoff contention.  Tom Hanks got nothing on this dude.

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