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Eater- Social media sites are abuzz with the news that Taco Bell has blacked out its online presence in an effort to promote its new app, rumored to be launching later today. Taco Bell changed its Twitter handle to @totallynothere so as to make it appear that it has erased all content. Its official Twitter account has been blacked out. Content on the company’s Facebook page has been deleted and all images have been blacked out. On Instagram, Taco Bell released a series of black and white text-based images with the hashtag #onlyintheapp. Taco Bell’s website, a hub for its menu, franchisee information, press releases, and investor news, has also been blacked out.

Rumors have been swirling about Taco Bell’s new app since news of its forthcoming release was announced earlier this year. Though fans may be able to connect to each other via the mobile app, its unlikely to replace Taco Bell’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook presence for good. The app will push Taco Bell ahead of some of its competitors by allowing users to order food ahead, and by notifying users of when their order is ready to be picked up. Payment options will also be streamlined through the app, though its unclear if Taco Bell has partnered with a related service such as Square or Apple Pay or if it has designed its own payment processing system.

This is an absolute game changer for fast food.  I always found it fascinating that people could get stoned and make a rational decision at Taco Bell.  Whenever I go there sober, I turn into a pile of mush just staring at all the options on the menu.  Finally I just enter freak mode and order a chalupa, a Dorito taco, and a few random sides.  Now you can pick as many items as you would like right as the THC is entering your brain.  What a time we live in.  There are three clear winners from this announcement:

1. Taco Bell (duh)- More time to order = more food ordered.  It really is that simple.  Have you ever ordered Chinese food with a group of people?  It goes from everyone ordering their own meal to just a complete food orgy.

2. Big and Tall stores- These places are about to gain a bunch of some new customers because of #1.  Winter weather + Taco Bell mobile ordering = Biggest bulking season ever.

3. Plumbers- I don’t think I really need to explain this one.  But instead of blacking out their social media, I think they should have given away black toilet seats.  It is about to get very real in bathrooms across our great nation.

Toilet Seat1-800x800



The Independent-  One lasting memory of any South American World Cup is the passionate and over-the-top commentary whenever a goal is scored.

Cries of “GOOOOAL!!!!” and “Golazo” are often used to describe an amazing goal – Robin van Persie, Tim Cahill and James Rodriguez have all provided such moments during the tournament already – but which nation gets the most excited by the sight of the ball nestling in the back of the net?

Well, QZ decided to analyse the Facebook data to see which country celebrates goals the “loudest”. Taking into account the words ‘goal’ in English, ‘gol’ in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, ‘golo’ in European Portuguese and ‘tor’ in German, they checked to see which nation used the highest number of extra letters when celebrating a goal.

After collating their results, it emerged that Mexico took the spoils as they used an average of 6.6 extra characters per goal, closely followed by surprise package Algeria and Uruguay.

Goal letters

This is just one of those random studies that doesn’t really have much meaning behind it, but I am not going to hide my disappointment in my beloved home country.

We are the home of Super Sized fries and Costco.  When we score a goal, we need to make it COUNT.  I want the other countries to hate when we score a goal because we will flood thier feeds with vowels.  Come on America, you are better than that.  You have four years to get your GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL game together.  We are the land of the free, home of the brave, and the best damn country of all time.  Now act like it!


Hollywood Reporter-  Nobody is pushing the mute button on Tony Reali. The ESPN personality, who’s brandished the Around the Horn silencer as host of the panel series since 2004, has re-upped his deal with the cable network — and scored a regular gig on Good Morning Americain the process.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Reali’s latest extension has given him the role of contributor on corporate sibling ABC’s morning flagship. Reali will move from Washington, D.C., to his native New York later this year, whereAround the Horn will get a new Times Square space close to hisGMA studio. Reali joins GMA as its first social media contributor and will appear in its recently unveiled “Social Square” to engage viewers online.

Gotta say, I’m pretty happy to hear about this.  When Max Kellerman left Around The Horn, I thought that the show would be doomed.  But Reali, AKA Stat Boy stepped up big time and was able to host the show without missing a beat.  Reali has always seemed like a good dude who actually knows his sports and current events, which is not always the case on that network.  The only bummer is that he will not be on PTI anymore, but I guess all good things need to come to an end.  Welcome back to NY, Stat Boy!  Do the damn thang!

PS- A gig talking about social media?  Has to be a Top 10 best job in the world, right?  I spend every waking hour on Twitter, so I couldn’t imagine getting paid for it.  Some guys have all the luck.  You’re welcome.