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Hybrid candies seem to be the new thing in the sugar game these days.  Products such as Starburst Jelly Beans, Chewy Jolly Ranchers, and Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie flavors are examples of good, successful mixes.  The latest of these candies that I have found is Starburst flavored candy corn.

Just like the aforementioned Staburst Jelly Beans, these candy corn have the signature classic Starburst flavors (lemon, orange, strawberry, and cherry), with the jelly bean-specific green apple thankfully missing from the collection.  All four flavors are very true to the original Starburst flavor, which is great.  Some people do not enjoy the consistency of candy corn, while some people love it.  Count me in as someone who likes candy corn, so this was a nice discovery for me.  One thing that is good about the Starburst Candy Corn is that they do not lend themselves to be binged as much as the jelly beans or fruit chews, which is good news for a binging fiend like myself.  The flavor is pretty strong and true, but something you are not wishing there were more of once they are done.  When you pick up one piece, it is not easy to immediately see which flavor you are holding, because only the bottom third of the corn is colored with the flavor (red=cherry, yellow= lemon, etc.).  I think/hope we will see more flavored candy corns in the coming years, and I also hope there are more Starburst flavored snacks in the near future.

Rating: 8/10