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For some reason, when people pass a car accident, they feel the need to look and see the damage.  The same psychological trigger that causes this phenomenon must be the logic behind the ratings of the MTV show Teen Mom.  If you are lucky enough to have never seen Teen Mom, or it’s evil twin sister show, 16 & Pregnant, the show is about the lives of multiple families that have to deal with the hardships that come with teenage pregnancy.  While the show could hypothetically be informative and thought provoking, it is usually just a conglomerate of sad anger between incompatible couples and parents.

While I do think that there is a time and place to discuss these issues, this show is not it.  Most of the show is just arguing between scorned lovers and arguing between children and their parents.  The constant negative energy and banter between all the parties is just plain depressing.  While their situation is extremely tough, the way the kids speak to their parents and vice versa is appalling.  Other than a few glimpses of cute babies, the show is a cauldron of sadness that shouldn’t be watched by anyone who enjoys happiness.  There is a whole other discussion about the exploitation of these kids and what giving them celebrity status does to society, but we can save that for another time.  Sorry for venting, but every time my wife watches in on DVR, I have to immediately leave the room or put on headphones.  I am currently writing this blog post upstairs, while still being able to hear the yelling and bleeping on the TV downstairs.  This is why I think that Teen Mom is the worst thing in the history of everything.