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Final Rating: 9.6/10. First off, let me be clear on this. Ben & Jerry’s is easily the best ice cream around. They make their products the right way because they are a bunch of crunchy hippies, so the base of the ice cream is good. And then they pack it with the most extras in the game. Tonight Dough is caramel & chocolate ice creams with chocolate cookie swirls & cobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough. Long story short, every single on of those flavors hits. I am more of a vanilla fan than a chocolate fan, though. That’s why I couldn’t rate it a perfect 10. But this ice cream received the best rating I have ever given a food since I started doing this bloggin nonsense. I have been to the Ben & Jerry’s factory multiple times and the longest minutes of my life are experienced during the ride home after buying some fresh Ben & Jerry’s from the store. So when I say this is the best Ben & Jerry’s ice cream I have ever had, you know it comes from the heart.

And I feel just as passionately about my stance on Kimmel being better than Fallon.  Fallon has some funny skits and ideas.  But Jimmy Kimmel is just infinitely funnier/cooler than Fallon.  And oh yeah, Kimmel would never EVER pull a stunt like this.


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Nightmare fuel overload right here.  Whoopi Goldberg’s face is scary enough as is, the last thing we needed to do was merge it with the underratedly creepy face of Jimmy Fallon.  Fallon looks like a real version of Donkey from Shrek in that picture above.  Some things are left better on the writer’s room floor.  This is number one on that list.  But since I had to suffer and see this, you have to as well.

The worst part of it all is that the sketch isn’t even good.  When was the last time Whoopi Goldberg was funny?  Has she ever actually been funny?  Her best (and most quoted) movie role is when she was one of the hyneas in Lion King, right?  That was actually the perfect part for Whoopi.  A fifth tier role in an animated movie.  Even she couldn’t ruin The Lion King AKA the best cartoon movie of all-time.

Finally, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t link to the king of the different mouth game, Conan O’Brien.  Hard to believe that Conan went from the writer of some of the best Simpsons episodes ever, to unknown late night host, to the hottest name in the industry, to the host of the Tonight Show, to being relegated to TBS.  The only time I even think about Conan these days is if one of his sketches goes viral.  How can going to TBS just kill your career in the age of the internet and everyone having cable?  Weird shit.  Anyway, these talking head bits were gold back in the day.