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Final Rating: 6.2/10. Burger King could have gotten away with a below average effort if they just made a Whopper with a black bun.  Who doesn’t love food coloring?  Green beer on St. Patty’s Day is the tits!  But if you are going to load a burger with A1 sauce and say the bun is “infused with A1 sauce”, you need to bring your fastball.  And The King didn’t.  Be better, Burger King.  (PS: That is black bun in my teeth.  I promise you my mouth is not rotting, even if I patently refuse to floss)

On a positive note, at least I found out this lovely tidbit after eating the Halloween Whopper.  I should be in for a nice treat in a few hours (probably less than that if we are being honest, since it is Burger King after all)



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