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<sniff, sniff>.  Sorry, the ending really got to me.  If the extended hours and endless supply of free pens didn’t make you a TD Bank customer, this commercial just might.  I have been with the bank since they were Commerce and I am still waiting for my free trip to Disney or a bouquet of roses.  But nonetheless, awesome work on this commercial.  Can the Mets hire TDBank’s PR guy immediately?  They can definitely use the help.

PS- Giving this long-time customer a free jersey, free tickets, and a chance to throw out the first pitch for his favorite team?  AMAZING.  But that free jersey being the same number as the biggest star on the team, yet with the customer’s last name on it instead?  Definitely less amazing (sorry, I had to call a spade a spade).



PSS- Other than the awesome giveaways, I think my favorite Thank You surprise would have been the Mariachi band.  Even when I was at my lowest point as a subway straphanger, the Mariachi could always make me smile.  Which is basically the hardest thing to do to a New Yorker whose heart has been eaten up and spit out by the big city.  Wait, what?