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Brand Mascot Deathmatch

Hey everyone,

A quick note for the site.  I have partnered up to share some of the content from The Clem Report with the team at KFC Radio.  If you haven’t already, check out their site and their podcasts.  It’s a great stop for sports, pop culture, and comedy.  One of the blogs I plan to be sharing with them will be the Death Match Tournaments.

A quick refresher about the tournaments.  On long trips, my buddies and I will name random celebrities, friends, fictional characters, etc. to participate in a tournament.  We place all these people in a bracket and vote on who would win in a fight to the death.  These tournaments always lead to some fun debates and interesting matchups.

Every month I will group 16 competitors together in a bracket and the readers will vote on who wins.  This tournament will be a matchup of famous advertising mascots. (more…)

TV Theme

Now this is a story all about how the Fresh Prince theme song won the 90’s TV Theme Tournament.  In a pretty big blowout, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air song was able to beat the upstart Home Improvement theme to take home best 90’s TV theme song.  Since The Clem Report is a functioning democracy for the people, this tournament was voted on by the visitors of the blog.  If you have any disagreements with the results, please forward them to the United States Constitution.

So for one last time, enjoy the greatest 90’s TV theme song of all-time:  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


TV Theme

A song most people thought would get here against a song that may have had some upsets along the way.  I am intrigued to see how this vote goes.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vs. Home Improvement

The people have spoken and those people said that Mr. Kesuke Miyagi was the man to beat in the Movie Deathmatch Tournament.  Miyagi ran through this tournament like a Daniel-san through a Cobra Kai Convention.  Thanks again to everyone who read and voted, we will be back Monday with a new battle.  Happy Weekend!

movie deathmatch


NES Deathmatch

The votes have been tallied and the competitors have advanced.  We had all four matches come down to either one or two votes, so every fight was a close one.  The rest of the tournament will be held in the Bowser’s Castle Region.  Onto the matches.


Bill vs. Lawrence Taylor

contr lt1

Tale of the Tape: Both men narrowly avoided defeat in the Elite 8, with Bill winning by only two votes and LT winning by one.  These guys are pretty beat down heading into this match in Bowser’s castle.  Not sure how the heat and humidity will affect the outcome.  Oh yeah, and the jumping fireballs.

Jimmy vs. Link


Tale of the Tape: Jimmy had his hands full with Samus while Link snuck by Ninja Gaiden.  Jimmy having access to Samus’ suit and Link having another sword could sway this match.  Who will make it to the finals?

This year marked the fourth year of our Amazing Baseball Weekend trip.  Between 4 and 6 guys load up a minivan and travel to multiple stadiums and local watering holes.  To pass the time, we create a 64 person deathmatch tournament.  The rules are simple.  Anyone can compete.  This includes real people, fictional characters, video game characters, friends we know, etc.  Each participant is allowed one weapon if it is part of his/her persona.  We go around the car and vote who would win in a fight to the death.  Once the votes are tallied, that competitor moves on.  If there is a tie, we call a friend to break said tie.  We then decide how much damage that character absorbed throughout the fight, which carries over to future rounds.  The character also can assume some of the “powers” or weapons of their previous opponent.  So if Chun Li beat Pedro Cerrano in a fight, she then acquires his bat.  Anyway, without further ado here is the Death Match from ABW IV.  I am sure it is a little confusing, but it is a lot of fun and helps make the time go by quickly.  I recommend doing similar tournaments when you are on long drives with groups (death matches, best movie, best looking person, etc.).