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The Fantasy Report



Once the fantasy baseball and football seasons roll around, I get bombarded with trade, lineup, and waiver questions from my friends.  While I don’t mind giving out advice, I think it is better to get a wider array of opinions when making a big move.  The people at Trade Debate have come up with a real good-looking website that easily allows users to create a poll for a trade, start/bench, or waiver decision that they are thinking of making.  You choose your Sport (MLB, NBA, or NFL), Provider (ESPN, Yahoo, etc.), Scoring (Head to Head, Roto, etc.), Number of Teams, Subtype (Keeper/Non-Keeper/Dynasty), and any other league specific info (PPR in football, AL/NL Only in baseball, or Daily/Weekly Moves in baseball /basketball).  You then choose from a list of players that are in your potential transactions.  You can also supply any other information that may be relevant to making a decision.  Once your are done, the trade is posted and members on the site can choose which option of the trade, start bench,waiver claim is the best option.  Voting is easy and fun, since the subject matter is fantasy sports.  I truly recommend this for anyone looking to make a fantasy move of any sort.