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Is it cruel to laugh at children falling down?  Yes.  Is this video hilarious nonetheless?  Yes.  Am I going to watch it 10 more times after posting this blog?  You’re God damn right.  A nice treat from the Internet Gods after I learned of yesterday’s devastating news.

Also, who feeds their kids a refried beans on bread?

Update: This video was at 700 views when I saw it this morning and is now at 500,000+.  God Bless The Internet.

It’s hard not to love this video. The kid has some serious moves and seems to love and be frightened of the attention at the same time. I’m guessing this happens often, as his dad doesn’t seem to care that a baby is running around on the stage during his song. Anyway, we are at almost 650,000 views as of this posting. We’ll see what it hits if the right people view/share it.