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Final Rating: 8.4/10.  You cannot go wrong with Samoas.  They are the best girl scout cookie ever.  There will be no debating this.  I just need Breyers to stop being such cheap bastards and load their ice cream up with cookies a la Ben & Jerry’s.

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For those who don’t know, there is a new, glorious tradition in New York City.  Every year, the biggest mongos in the world gather for a day to celebrate everything Mike Francesa aka The Sports Pope.  I am 0 for 2 when it comes to attending FrancesaCons, but that has been due to work, not desire.  I will do everything in my power to make it there next year.  Anyway, here is a quick journey down the rabbit hole of the best day of the year for people who love the most iconic sports radio blowhard of all-time.


Maniacs attend this event dressed as Mike, the Mad Dog, and other random WFAN personalities. My favorite was Diet Coke Pope.



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Speaking of Diet Coke, this was the PERRRRFECT drink for a Mike Francesa tribute party.


A band singing the Mike’s On (or is it Mike Zaun?) theme.


// was trending on Twitter in New York


And of course, when the man of the hour took the stage, everyone listened.

Now lets listen to that Michael Kay chant again.



h/t @JonFrat for recording that Youtube video, which was clearer than the movies Jerry Seinfeld used to shoot back in his bootlegging days.  And of course to @FrancesaCon for organizing the whole damn thing.


For more Mike Francesa goodness, check out my Francesa soundboard at

What the HELL was that?!?!  Before I posted this blog, I thought about ignoring the commercial because they may have purposely made it so comically bad to ensure it would trend.  But the majority of people who actually vote don’t actively read blogs or use Twitter.  Since I am not a sheep, my vote is up for grabs until the minute I go into a voting booth.  I don’t vote by party, I vote on the issues at hand (AKA read about them 2 minutes before I vote).

However, if you are a complete muckraker (and especially if you use awful boloney puns), I will vote against you on principle alone.  So congrats Sean Maloney, you have your first vote of the election.  I hope you aren’t a complete asshole.

P.S. I believe that all politicians are crooks and I hate politics.  I sincerely hope this is the last political blog I ever write.  I am Clem and I begrudgingly approve this blog post.

In full disclosure, my brother showed me this video for the first time today and it is already one of my favorite Youtubes of all-time.  I honestly don’t know which part of the video I like the most.  The instant karma?  Maybe.  The fan being unable to taunt because he can’t keep the towel on his tomato can of a head?  Perhaps.  But if we are being honest, it is probably the fan’s wife/girlfriend giving the player a thumbs up for taunting her dickhead husband/boyfriend.


This dad is doing God’s work.  Sure the words “selfie” and “twerking” have brought many great memories to all of our lives.  But hearing grandparents talk about “that selfie story on the news” and “Miley is twerking again” is too much for one man to take.

We need to shame these selfie taking assholes to kill the word from the lexicon.  Smokeshows are going to continue to take pictures of themselves to sustain their fantasy life “careers”.  But we need to stop the stupid face selfies from getting taken ASAP.  Your move, America.  Operation Selfie Shaming begins now.

PS- If this is another god damn Jimmy Kimmel prank, I knew it all along.  Nice try, pretty boy.

PSS- Take another look at this moronathon


h/t Cullen

I wasn’t going to post this video for a bunch of reasons.  I think 3 of my last 4 blogs have been about the ice bucket challenge, the video could be a hoax, and I wasn’t sure if this girl was mentally slow.  But sometimes in life you have to trust your gut and give the people what they want.  And the people want to hear a girl drooling blood say that she loves them.  Who am I to turn them down?  I also have a rule that I will post people doing stupid shit on meds 100 times out of 100.

This is why the internet is the best thing ever created.  Who could have possibly guessed that the highlight of the summer would be your family, friends, celebrities, and random fools dumping ice water on their head for a great cause?  The internet is like Cartman on Maury Povich.  It does what it wants.

Also, this is the exact face I made last night when I dove in for a third slice of pizza.  Impulsive with a hint of shock.  But deep down there is a ton of satisfaction and you never felt so alive.


I don’t know if the urban legend that this guy was tripping balls while he was being recorded are true, but at this rate I would rather not even know. Some things in life are better with a little bit of mystery behind them, like the ingredients of hot dogs or what goes on in an NFL locker room. I just want to watch that funny looking lizard talk as my friends Mr. Balloon Hands and Mr. Walkway strut back into my life.

Seahorses.  Forever.

So the people at Teens React did another one of their specials where these kids cackle at our cherished memories.  A few thoughts:

1. Arya Stark brought the 100 MPH heat rocking that backwards hat a la Ken Griffey Jr.  I don’t think The Kid ever had pencils on his lid, though.  Those are pencils, right?  I am probably giving my age away by asking that question.  I’d be sniffed out as a Narc by this group in about 10 seconds.

2. Kelly Kapowski passes the test of time.  Not a shock by any means, but just one of those “nice to know” kind of things.  Growing up with her on TV every week during puberty is what it must have been like for Yankees fans to watch Babe Ruth in his prime.  A mix of joy and amazement.

3.  The caffeine pill episode has gone from unintentionally funny in the 90s to a serious matter in the 2010s.  I’m not sure what that says about us as a country, but it can’t be good, right?

4.  The stereotypes in Saved By The Bell were indeed the best part of the show.  The writer who named the nerdy kid Mr. Poindexter was probably given a standing ovation in the writer’s room.  And guess what, Arya?  Surfers are dumb.  You know how I know that?  Because Hollywood tells me so.  Stop trying to stir the pot all the time.

5.  Arya would have put Needle through Zack’s heart before he could have batted an eyelash.  Dude reeked of Lannister gold.

Great work by the people over at Movieclips to put this all together.  Simply click the Playlist link in the upper lefthand corner and relive your childhood through all of these videos.  We all had our favorites, and many of them are here.

A lot of great things have been said about Robin Williams since his passing.  The bottom line for me was that he could make you feel something when he was on screen.  Whether it was happiness, sadness, conflict, or something else.  That is the mark of a true great.  Rest In Peace, Mr. Williams.

Name the last hip hop combo that dropped fire like this.  Kanye and Jigga? Pac and Dre?  Biggie and Puffy (where B.I.G. ghostwrites the entire song)?  This duo drops one song per year and it scorches the entire Earth.  Damn it feels good to have your team quarterbacked by a gangsta.  I need multiple tattoo tears on Eli’s babyface ASAP, though.  The Louisiana rap game is back in full force.  Next up is a Manning Hip Hop Camp.  A few other thoughts: (more…)