You Can Stick The iWatch Where The Sun Don’t Shine. I Want The Moto360 Watch With The Goldeneye Face And I Want It Now

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Technology, Uncategorized
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I always thought that watches were for finance hardos and people that didn’t realize their phones had an easily accessible clock.  Turns out the joke’s on me, since I need this watch more than I need oxygen.

The people at Phandroid (nerdiest name ever?) go much more in depth on how you can make your watch look exactly like 007’s watch in the game.  I just gave myself a wedgie and got stuffed in a locker for writing that last sentence.  But nonetheless, Android is going all President Whitmore on us by refusing to go quietly into the night.  You move, Apple.  You know what must be done to stick the dagger into Android’s heart once and for all.  Now do it.

h/t Ballow

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